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Together We Thrive


Advocating for Community

I am seeking to be your representative for City Council Ward 1 in Eureka –to work for you, the people. I believe we can ask our politicians to represent our best and brightest hopes for our societies, and I promise to do that. Eureka needs leaders with forward-thinking policies that build a strong community for future generations. Together we thrive, and together we can build a society where all people are valued.

I have lived and worked in Eureka for most of the past 14 years and I truly value the people of Eureka. I am the director of Synapsis performance space, I work for Trajectory, a career development program for artists from a variety of backgrounds, and I am the board Vice-President of the Ink People. I have written grants for creating a community mapping project, free art programs, an accessible dance program, and a street festival. I am a businesswoman and teacher, running a business where I theater, dance, and acrobatics training to children, youth, and adults. Caring for people and building community has been at the core of all of my work. I am familiar with the energy and organization it takes to develop projects that include feedback and input from a wide range of perspectives. I have years of experience in creating partnerships between organizations and citizens.  I plan to use these strengths to build opportunities for collaboration and growth. Together we thrive!






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